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Be part of the lemonade stand team with a few steps. Visit Getting Started section to find out how. Or click hear for lemonade stand decorations .
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Tell your friends about your fun lemonade stand, let them know where you located your lemonade stand. so they can come and share the fun! We all love a good lemonade stand.
facebook lemonade stand twitter lemonade stand is not affiliated with Lemons To Aid mission is to educate children about the benefits of charity, showing kids that they can make a difference, and teach them about business , marketing and creativity all with a lemonade stand. They will learn how to run and market a lemonade stand for fun and charity. You will be able to create posters, flyers, and lemonade stand decorations. Learn how to market and promote your lemonade stand . Find great lemonade recipes for your lemonade stand. All the fun of running a lemonade stand while learning about charity.